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Agrowing Ltd. is a world leading provider of high resolution, high-quality multispectral sensing solutions, which bring the aerial precision agriculture sensing to the next and significantly higher level.

The company is focused on supplying growers and farmers with solutions, which provide them with immediate in-the-field accurate actionable data.

ADTi 61S with Agrowing Quad lens 

<800 g. complete (body; lens; gimbal)

242 g. camera body

182 g. Quad lens

10 Narrow Bands 

for Full-Frame E-Mount

8 Megapixel per band with 42MP FF sensor

12 Megapixel per band with 61MP FF sensor.

Dual purpose: Can be used also as a standard RGB mapping camera with a clip-in IR-cut filter.


ADTI 24L V2 with Agrowing Dual lens 

226gr including lens

10 Megapixel per Channel 

NDVI/Red-Edge lenses

5 Narrow Bands 

for APS-C E-Mount

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