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What We Can Do for You

Camera Design and Prototype

No any ADTi cameras meet your requirements? Not a problem, we are innovative drone payload company, we will design a right camera for your UAVs or for aerial mapping and surveying, inspection, and surveillance. 

Multi-sensor Camera Rig

100 MP ( 5* 20MP APS-C sensors), 120MP (5*24MP APS-C sensors), 210 MP (5*42MP full frame sensors), 305 MP (5* 61MP full frame sensors), our Multi-Cam oblique camera systems not just save your mapping time, but also provide high image quality and accuracy.

Ultra Lightweight Lenses

ADTi develops fixed focus optical lenses, which are light in weight, compensate aberration, increase sharpness, reduce the dispersion, and improve the photo quality.

Thermal Sensor Range Finder

ADTi develop drone gimbal camera, including thermal and zoom RGB dual sensor gimbal camera, also we integrate with range finder, ADTi has been collaborating with many UAV companies for developing their payload system, such as Yuneec.

"We all have our dreams, don't we. Those that carry ADTi forward are the passions for innovation."
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