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Who We Are

ADTi (Aerial dynamic technologies and Innovations Ltd), founded in 2017, is a technology company engaged in UAS Payload systems design and develop, ADTI products have been sold to worldwide, North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, and ADTI provides world-class service to meet all different requirements of camera design, drone payload design, both in hardware and software for our customers.

Core Values:

  • Innovation with creativity

  • Flexibility without complexity

  • Quantity with quality

  • Timely customer service 


Our Mission

Innovation to Reality 

Combining ADTi payload design and develop experiences, electronic, and software engineering, ADTi' s in-house R&D team has been approved to develop the most reliable and technologically advanced UAVs payload systems on the market.

ADTi has been developed more than 30 drone mapping camera products, and more than 10 multi-sensor camera systems in one year, we are not just fast in R&D phase, the products we developed have been well received by our customers

Core Values


 The purpose of innovation is much more profound than just creating greater customer value, better competitive products.

Our products are not just created by single function, but it can be usable by our customers with the widest range of capabilities


Access to API, SDK, open up the potential to work better and be more compatible with customer's UAV system 

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