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Born for UAV  or Drone Technolgoies and Innovations

photogrammetric mapping, Aerial surveillance, Environmental monitoring, Defence, Utility inpection, Public security 

Sold up to 50+ countries

Over 200,000 mapping missions finished

Over 10,000 cameras sold

Over 5 years innovations

What We Offer

As drone or UAV manufacturing becomes more and more accessible, we provide industrial solutions for the entire drone payload camera systems, from design,prototyping to final products


Why Choose ADTi

Cutting Edge CNC Aluminum

We own the high end CNC machine and we do painting, printing, polishing, sandblasting, anodizing, plating for all our aluminum camera case to ensure the quality.


We are also known as technology company engaged in UAS payload systems, RGB APS-C, Full-frame, as well as  gyro stabilized camera systems.

Design &

We design and develop cameras, not just for ADTi owned camera products, as well as OEM custom cameras for customers' specific needs.


ADTi camera products are easily interface to other sensors and flight controllers, and GNSS moduels, works with airpixel for full access to the MAVlink.

Our Camera Products

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